Since we’ve decided to be best friends, I figured we’d start out with a little about me to get to know each other a little better. 

I’ve been an athlete as early as I can remember. My parents threw me into every sport essentially to see what would stick (tennis, lacrosse, basketball, softball)….turns out swimming and soccer were those things.

Growing up as a competitive swimmer and soccer player, I learned a lot about setting goals, being organized, being part of a team, and discipline. I was able to learn so many things from the sports as I continued on to college at the University of South Carolina.

When swimming ended for me, I threw myself into college and enjoying my time as a “regular” student. Usually, I spent countless hours in the gym (5-7pm) and it was the moment I looked forward to each day.


I found my next passion when realizing that I could combine Marketing with Sports and create a job around it. I had many internships in college with the NY Giants, MSG, U of SC Athletics Marketing Department, and landed a full-time job at the New York Yankees. From there I moved into a marketing agency, Engine Shop, creating countless programs for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Hilton, Anheuser-Busch, Nike, Asics, Pandora, etc. Finally landing in the nutrition space with Marketing roles within Dr Smood and Danone North America.

Throughout my time in the professional world, I always found myself in the gym. Mornings before work, after work, two-a-days…I was that crazy gym girl and the gym was “my place” where I could zone out, tune in to my body, and just escape everything else. I became a CPT and Run & Cycle instructor for Equinox on the after-hours to fuel my passion to teach others.


I signed up for my first half marathon (2014 Brooklyn Half) on a whim after finding my newly discovered passion and wanting to push myself a bit more.

Even though I thought I knew what I was doing, I still felt that throughout my training I was unsure of how many miles I was supposed to be running, how my body should be feeling, how much to hydrate, what race day looked like.

I got through that first race and immediately signed up for the NYC Marathon–raising money in support of Team for Kids. After the marathon, I wanted to continue the feeling of accomplishment and found myself signing up for more and more races.


One day after talking with a friend who was an avid triathlete, I decided I would give it a try. I fell in love with the sport after doing several sprint triathlons locally. I then went on to enter and place in countless races in CA and NJ. My largest and hardest race to-date has been the Atlantic City Half Ironman


So now back to why you’re really here. Why are you here? What are you looking to improve, build upon, conquer, start for the first time. What are your paint points? What have you struggled with? Maybe even given up on before? We all have them.

I want you to know that I believe in YOU! I was there. I struggled with training, injuries, not knowing where to start, feeling like I wasn’t training enough, not knowing what to eat, not wanting to ask other people questions because I was worried I would sound stupid.  

Whatever it is that you want to focus on I have the #MindsetAndMiles tools you need and promise I will be behind you 100%. We will get you there!

I will be there for you, guide you, push you, motivate for you, and never give up on you!

You’ve got it inside of you, now let’s get started!



Here’s a list of my certifications:

  • Pronatal Fitness Pre/Postnatal Specialist
  • Schwinn Cycling
  • Stages Cycling
  • Equinox Run Instructor