Hi I’m Coach Court. I’m a NASM certified fitness instructor, cycling coach, run coach, pre & postnatal specialist, online health coach, and founder of Mindset and Miles!

I’m a mom, marathoner & triathlete who struggled with training and nutrition for years. I decided to create my own platform to help women train to accomplish their goals and empower them to realize their strength within.

Whether you want to train for a marathon or to get off the couch, I’m here to support you 100% through it all.

Here are the types of programs I create:

  • Training for a race (5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon)
  • Training for a triathlon (sprint, olympic, half, full)
  • Training for life (getting back in shape, accountability, health)
  • Training for pregnancy & postpartum

Click the Let’s Work button to learn more or Apply Now & get started!

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Let’s Work

Are you feeling frustrated in your training, uncertain of how to start and eager to make a change?

I want to work with you!

During my training for multiple races I felt like I didn’t have the help and guidance I truly needed. I remember getting so emotional….feeling like I wasn’t training enough, what miles I should be hitting to reach my goals, cross training techniques, recovery tips, and nutrition guidelines. I wish I had a resource to help me with all of the frustrations, uncertainty and anxiety. 

Now that I have years of racing, teaching, and training experience, I won’t let that happen to you. We are going to work together to build the perfect program to get you building towards your goals.

Whether it’s to run a marathon, run a 5k, finish your first triathlon, complete your first half ironman, or simply get off the couch ….I am here for you!

You’ll learn everything you need to get of the house and on to the course! Some things you’ll get out of your custom program:

  • Custom training plan
  • Strength workouts
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Hydration Analysis
  • Race-prep tips
  • Gear & tech education
  • Recovery plan
  • Custom 1v1 coaching with me …and a new bff, duh!

With these tools, you’ll not only crush your #Miles but also do it with a positive #Mindset and reach your true strength within.

If this feels like something you’ve been looking for….

In order to reach your goals, all you have to do is start!

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